Down the Rabbit Hole


Mum, I’m famous !

Not only did I fulfill her life-long dream to see me become a teacher (joking, she actually wanted me to become a journalist…), I got to host a whole webinar on Gen AI and Finance ! Such a fun ride!

Go check it out – and too bad you missed the actual juicy part: the Data Analysis Finance course.

And to end the year on a high note (literally), my first podcast episode since the days of my analog radio show (keep scrolling!):


Harvard Business School? Standford Executive Courses? INSEAD MBA? Nah…

Wine & Spirit Education Trust ? Hell yeah !

Took me several, demanding, straining, and stressful Saturday-morning wine-tasting sessions to finally become a certified WSET Level 2 wine connoisseur. Hours of sitting and sipping, watching the outside world go by when all I had to comfort myself were expensive bottles of Barolo and French oaked Chardonnay. What a tough time it was. But it paid out. Now I don’t have to pretend to know what orange wines are when I go eat in hipster and upcoming Hackney pop-up restaurants. I just know. I do.


At DonnyCraves I revamped the whole digital presence. Rebuilt their website, launched an iPhone app for users to scan barcodes and get info on the product, refreshed their Facebook and Instagram accounts.. and… obviously owned the content creation for all of the above.

What best way to keep our followers entertained than a viral video and an upbeat background song, I must have asked myself at the time.. The video never went viral, but damn was it not fun !


Way before Podcasts… way before internet radios…. way before 4K photos… the one and only Radio Random.

All through high-school, my friend and I spent every single Thursday night talking into the ether about our interests, passions and aspirations. Anything from sport (my friend was big on rugby at the time), technology and music. We would research ahead of the streaming and then go with the flow.

In 2011 we launched our very own website (we were nerds at the time, too) that sadly no longer exists. The coolest feature: a form for our friends to send us messages and song requests that would then read out loud or execute live. So cool !