Biography, or something like that.

Born and raised in Italy. Pasta-fed till the age of 19 when I figured it was probably time to swap Parmesan for Gouda cheese.

Spent 2 years biking in the Netherlands before I realized driving a car has its own benefits: jeans don’t get too tight around the thighs.

In a bid to safeguard my denim collection I moved again, this time in the dead-center (emphasis on dead) of Europe: Luxembourg.

Eventually, my better half and I decided to embark on a new adventure and leave Europe behind once and for all. A wide array of exotic choices stood before us. Where should we go? Asia? America?

Luckily, Brits decided for us and London is what we have been calling home since.

Biography, if Forbes were to ask…

Federico Maffini is Global Head of Customer Programs & Business Operations within the Customer Optimization & Acceleration organization at Amazon Web Services, where he leads a large team of Business Analysts and Program Managers. 

In the past 10 years, he worked within several teams across Amazon and covered various roles in Finance, Program Management and Sales Operations. By moving across Transportation, Operations, Customer Experience and Cloud, he gained first-hand experience working on complex and strategic initiatives that have made him a rounded leader with interdisciplinary expertise.

Federico is a problem solver who marries data with business insights to drive the decision-making forward. He thrives at the intersection between Program Management and Data Analysis. As much as his background in Finance taught him how to best handle data, build models and create dashboards for users at all hierarchical levels, it was his time leading business teams that helped him learn how to leverage that same data to inform his strategic decision-making.

Whilst at Amazon, he built goals, KPIs, mechanisms and telemetry for multiple organizations, injecting thrust into performance and accountability at all level of hierarchy. He guided the Amazon Shipping to profitability for the first time since its inception and led the cost controllership of a $50M+ import business partnering with industry-leading carriers like UPS, FedEx, DHL, Hermes, Royal Mail to automate invoicing and improve auditing practices. He also hired, coached and grew entire teams to address the analytical needs of whole organizations, like Amazon Shipping and AWS Customer Optimization & Enablement.

Beyond his corporate achievements, he is a certified Scrum Master, an Amazon Bar Raiser and an AWS Certified speaker. Federico’s legacy is marked by nurturing talent and championing growth and he regularly dedicates time to mentoring others.

Outside the boardroom, he’s a certified wine connoisseur, podcast enthusiast, and watch aficionado.