Random Notes

Podcasts, I love podcasts. They remind me so much of my radio days.. yet they are so much better than most radio shows today. Targeted, specific, relevant. Listeners choose what to listen to, there’s a multitude of shows out there for any sort of need, mood or interest. Plus, no problem driving through tunnels or in remote mountainous areas. Not that I ever do… but still.

This is my very own laundry list of episodes I found interesting over the course of the years, episodes that taught me something, episodes I have recommended to friends and family. There’s something for everyone.

How to Lead Better Through Complexity, with Jennifer Garvey Berger

In this conversation, Jennifer discusses the reality that most of us don’t like uncertainty. That makes experimenting with new ideas and actions in complex environments very challenging. She uncovers several practices that can help us benefit from experimentation in the midst of complexity and grow from these experiences.

For additional info on the topic, check this paper out!

How To Come Up With Billion Dollar Business Ideas | Hubspot Co-Founder Dharmesh Shah

I am a huge fan of My First Million. It’s loud, it’s cringe, it’s nerdy. But boy is it entertaining! On this episode you get to know a bit about Dharmesh, funder of The Hub Spot. He’s insightful and his frameworks are captivating. Perfect intersection between humor and actual business talk. Recommend.