Currently busy with

At work.

  1. Being an Amazon Bar Raiser is considered a prestigious and highly sought-after role within Amazon, and I am training to become one. Bar Raisers are well-versed in Amazon’s Leadership Principles, and their principal objective is to ensure that candidates selected are individuals who will “raise the bar” on the team’s performance.The training alone can last anywhere from 3 to 6 months depending on how many interview loops one does. Certainly a challenging, but rewarding role.
  2. At the same time, I am busy strengthening and expanding the Global Business Management function that I lead. We are part of the WW Commercial Sales Customer Optimization & Enablement team, and we help AWS customers optimize their spend on AWS. My team, 10 program managers and analysts, is spread between London, Milan, Munich and New York and we are the engine behind the CO&E team. We provide our 100+ Cost Optimization Specialists, Managers and Geo Leaders with insights, analytics, dashboards, models, and mechanisms to make their day-to-day more effective, more transparent and more efficient.


Outside work.

  1. I started 2023 working on my first ever online, print-on-demand side-hustle – sburla. I wanted to print high-quality t-shirts with distinctive sentences in the regional Italian dialects and ride the wave of online Shopify stores. From North to South, I have designed dozens of products that suit the needs of local avant-garde fashionistas that want to stand out from the crowd. However, with Mentorcruise and my ELVTR course teaching, I couldn’t dedicate enough time to it and decided to pause it for the time being.
  2. I love mentoring and do so regularly at Amazon. More recently, I have become a mentor on MentorCruise and I have also created two awesome Notion templates for Mentors and Mentees. You should check them out !
  3. Ever thought about coaching and helping others develop? Sure. Ever thought about doing so by preparing a 6-week intensive course where you pack the infamous 10’000 hours of training you went through to master your craft? Me neither.. until ELVTR contacted me to have me build a curriculum for a Data Analysis in Finance course. If you want a taste of it, there’s an online recording of the webinar I hosted in June 2023 on Generative AI for Data Analysis.